Eastern Acupuncture and Wellness takes a holistic approach to treating the body, mind and spirit as one functioning entity. 

When we met the founders of Eastern Acupuncture And Wellness, they were frustrated with the lack of direction and effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Local businesses face different challenges as it relates to marketing and standing out amongst competition; they have a smaller pool of people to cater to since they offer a physical service, versus a direct to consumer product or another online transaction. Before doing an overhaul of their website and social presence, we dove into their “why” and pinpointed what set them apart from their competition.

Acupuncture with Amanda of Eastern Acupuncture.jpg

From a UX standpoint, having a local business is an advantage because we were able to have intimate dialogue directly with users/customers at anytime. After learning their client profiles and crafting a voice and visual language, we produced a photo and video shoot that brought the business true essence to life. The photos were intentionally directed to reflect the community that Eastern Acupuncture And Wellness serves.