Strut & Sole is an eCommerce site geared towards versatile millennial women that make thoughtful choices about the pieces they invest in. 

The web experience focused heavily on imagery and video to showcase the product in motion.  All graphics featured original product photography. All photography, both editorial and still life, was either directed or shot by me. As part of a collaborative effort, 217th produced and directed a series of viral videos to serve as sales tools and visual stimuli to its audience, that helped customers to see the products in motion. The collaboration included the combined efforts or several miami creatives.


Our role also included location scouting - we formed partnerships with various boutique hotels in Miami Beach to shoot onsite. The feel and brand embodied warmth, glam and represented various cultures. It was key to cast models that customers could identify with.

Strategic partnerships and product placement on influencers such as Christina Milian, Brittany Sky, Heaather Sanders and Karen Civil increased Strut & Sole’s reach and credibility.