Is Your Brand an Extension of Yourself?

It seems like a daunting task to present your idea to the world in the exact way you intend it to be perceived; make sure you're on track with these 3 tips for keeping your brand true to yourself and always moving forward:

  1. Be Yourself. There's an attractive quality in brands that are honest. It's easy to get lost in ideas of what should be, or to chase perfection. Let your original ideas come to life and remain unique. 

  2. Stay in your lane. There's something special about what you as an individual or your business offers; hone in on that and disrupt the scene of your niche with details that only they (your ideal client or customer) would appreciate. If it hits home, they will connect with what you create and contribute to your brand's growth. 

  3. Be Consistent. It happens to the best of us; we can lose momentum with our branding efforts. In the start-up phase, it's crucial to stay consistent and in front of our audience's eyes. Using scheduled posts or following a calendar of some sort can save you from burning out or scrambling for last minute ideas.