No, we won't build your website (without a strategy first)

When you browse the internet, you’ll notice many websites looking fantastic with the newest eye-catching design trends, but come back a week later, and the site is down.

Studies show that it takes minutes for about 66 percent of the people browsing through a website to take in all that the web page is about. So aside from a beautifully designed page, your website should incorporate your brand and promote your business.

Small business needs a brand strategy when it comes to web design as it is a significant part of the online marketing presence for your business. However, only the right strategy and make it a reality.

Three Ways to get it Right

Your Site Design starts with understanding your Users and Clients

Beginning a new business is hard, and with so many loopholes to cover, the only path to success is developing a standard brand strategy.

With brand strategy, you can think of what kind of business to start, what products will make you visible and the consumers who will use the products, all this should be included in your brand strategy if you intend to make your business a success.

Brand strategy is about giving your business a face that people recognize with when they see it. They immediately create a mental picture of what an image and a feeling associated with it. So, brand strategy is a comprehensive plan that encompasses your entire business plan for long-term results.

Remember the Context of Use – users are coming to your Site with the Intention

Now that we have gotten your business brand strategy done, we have to ensure that the web design appeals to the clients and visitors.

The context of use is the scale of user’s needs which are affected by the experience they get when in contact with a site/brand

Context is about understanding the conditions in which users interact with a product; for example, an engineering tool works flawlessly in the hands of an engineer but becomes a task to a non-engineering person who has less knowledge about the tool.

However, if the context is made simpler and easier, the tool will work just as effective as it would with an engineer. This is what the user experience is all about.

Messaging, Look, Tone and Feel must speak to your Users – that is how we start

Users on your website feel how they will be treated by the look of your website. The design and style will make users feel comfortable or put them off. So you must put effort to get the design right.

When we design a website for a client, we ensure that the message, text, fonts used will appeal to the particular demographic that the small business and brand is targeted at.

You should remember that your website is your business online customer representative; it should welcome the user as they open the page. Therefore the website must be bright, modern, welcoming, attractive, and connect emotionally to the users.

For small businesses take a position and establish their business in the online market requires a great brand strategy, a banging web design, and an excellent customer interaction to make it a success.

Kelly Johnson