Why Businesses that ignore Design will not Survive?

Every day we hear of new business with viable and concrete ideas failing, the worst part is they don’t even know it is failing until the eleventh hour.

With the disruption that technology is causing in the business circle, it will be very unwise for a business whether small or large to ignore design as part of their strategy to succeed and grow their business online.

Furthermore, it is not just okay to create a website, but to create one that will enhance the objective of the users by delivering a pleasant, flawless, and smooth user experience.

What is UX – User Experience?

You must have heard about it all over the place, but what exactly is UX. Simply put, UX is a design terminology that attempts to describe the process of guaranteeing that online visitors to your page have a pleasurable experience.

Studies show that it takes about 15 seconds for consumers to decide whether to stay with a website or forgo it. Hence UX is the ability to provide consistent and significant contents that will improve the usability of the website and ensure the satisfaction of the users through seamless interaction.

What are the benefits of UX Design?

If you know nothing about how the internet functions, then you will enjoy a huge range of benefit by using UX. Some of which are

    •    It allows you to cater to a specific demographic without wasting time or money

    •    It allows for a clutter-free web page that uses the right fonts, graphics, colors, icons, and text to give users an excellent experience as they navigate through the page

    •    It helps the user spend less time bothering about navigating the page and more on the context of it

    •    It allows for easy conversion of leads which equals more money in your pockets.

How UX Designs can help Small Businesses Succeed?

Having a good website takes you one step to making your business a success as it gives it a broader viewpoint and allows you to interact with your users more, but UX is a vital step for small business especially if they want to establish a strong digital presence online.

However, without the correct information and professional to help you with your UX design, your business suffers from the inability of your website to perform optimally, which eventually leads to why the business fails.

Importance of UX to Small Businesses

Today users are looking for more than just information on a page, they want comfort, style, and smooth experience, and this is why UX comes in. With UX you can design a page to appeal to the users, but also ensure that they experience a beautiful time on your page.

    •    For small businesses, having a smooth, satisfying and delightful experience is fundamental as it boosts customer’s satisfaction and aids to convert them faster to paying clients than onlookers.

    •    It helps you to attract and retain the clients, market your product and remain competitive in online

    •    UX helps small business to create a brand for the business and improves their ability to reach more people online with a simple but great idea.

So if you want to avoid the statistic of been another failed business, ensure that your web design and UX are top-notch. Reach out to us for the best of both worlds.






Kelly Johnson