What is UX? And why the hell is it so important?

What Is UX? And Why Your Business Needs To Pay Attention To It


The world is an ever-evolving place and as it evolves, businesses and technologies have to evolve with it. A key factor in determining this evolution for businesses, especially small businesses, and start-up businesses, is the user experience design (UX for short). In website designing, user experience is an integral part that determines how a user or customer interacts with the website, the structure, and functionality of the website interface. It determines how smooth, easy, confusing or difficult navigating the website may be. It also determines your customer satisfaction, your business relevance and competitiveness, your customer loyalty and your client conversion rate.


Ux for small business

User experience for small business is the future of the business. As a small business owner, your website is the first impression users get of your business. Does navigation feel like a struggle? Is it logical or arbitrary? Is the usability of your website pleasurable enough to convert users into clients? Your website design has to be somewhat hypnotic. Again, It has to be unique and capture the attention of users in order for your business to become relevant and competitive. That is why user experience designs for your website, have to put your customers first by understanding your users, clients and potential users and by knowing your customer's interaction and navigation through your business website. User experience is all about customer satisfaction. Why?


Good and seamless user experience for small businesses brings about future traffic to the website and business in turn.

It propels the business forward. This is so because users who engage smoothly with your website are more likely to patronize your business.

It is key to a huge return on investments and an increase in market shares. When users convert to clients, your business earns money.


It ensures customer loyalty both now and in the future.

When your website's design is beautiful, unique and customized for your customers and is a UX design optimized site, making waves in the business industry will become an effortless task with very effective results on business development and customer increase.


To give the perfect user experience to your customers, you have to know and understand their needs and pain points. When these needs are incorporated in the design of your business' website, you would inadvertently, so to say, speak directly with them through your website. This would make your website and business to be seen by people; users and potential users alike.


The fact remains that website users and customers will always choose the website which appeals more to them and their needs. They always go for the competitors with the best user experience. We offer you this and many more at our design studio.

Most design studios neglect user experience or product design experience. That is why they do not have user experience designers, and if they do, they do not have the best designers. They also can not predict and show how your website will really do in the outside world. We have the best user experience designers, and we pay attention to every detail of your website designing, and that is our difference.

Kelly Johnson